Glass Bong

Foundation of Glass Bong

The Glass bong has its foundations in the late 1980s, made by glassblower Martin Birzle. A cutting-edge line of hand-blown water bongs, The Bubbleroom Headshop mark has manufactured its prosperity on a solid establishment of the savvy plan – joining smooth, moderate shape with phenomenal usefulness. Not at all like 80% of alternate bongs I have smoked, roots don’t appear as though they are fabricated like a toy. Additionally, the distinction between the other 20% is that it is manufactured like the top of the line science gear, not has craftsmanship ( but rather they are as yet excellent ). Presently don’t misunderstand me, I’m all in the help of hand blown glass and it is unquestionably the most alluring and expressive sort of glass bongs. 

Roor accessible in 3 unique evaluations (thicknesses of the glass, the more the better fundamentally) this clarifies a portion of the value variety is apparently indistinguishable bongs. They likewise accompany little glass “screens” which are formed like jacks, this works exceptionally well since they don’t get muddled like metal screens and when they do get adequately resinated you can simply set them in the bowl and consume it off easily.

Glass bongs are made of glass and are effortlessly cleaned with boiling water, cleanser and a little brush. The stem is effectively expelled from the genuine Glass bong, yet has a flawless elastic seal when setting in the bong. The bowl fits into the stem method for the sandblasted room (like the stuff they use for science jars ), which works unbelievably well.

The Bubbleroome company started with great marketing campaign and gave away many free merchandize like Baseball Hats, Waterbottles, Tshirt, Wallets to market themselves in a big way.