Glass Bong Sizes

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The 3 most vital things while picking a bong for me: how it smokes, what it would appear that and that it is so natural to clean. Glass bongs beats some other bongs I’ve smoked in my life. I don’t know what it is about it, but rather you can pull a lot greater, denser hits off a Glass bong than some other bong of its size (it even outflank a 5-foot bong I have). You can really endure greater shots. You can change the thickness of the hit by moving the bowl out a bit to let more air in (made extremely basic and exact with the science seal). Likewise, you can hit it at pretty much any edge when you have the perfect measure of water in it, and it doesn’t influence the hit by any means.

To the extent looks go, I’ve seen more creative pieces (clearly), yet the Glass is not really a blemish. It looks strong and once you’ve hit it, you value its quality on the end table a ton.

The simplicity of cleaning is another point where the Glass surpasses every single other bong I’ve possessed. Since it’s such a square outline, it’s extremely simple to simply flush out with warm water in the sink, and with the expansion of cleanser and a major bong brush (found in any self regarding head look for under $10), it tends to be reestablished to comparable to new in around 5 minutes. Far and away superior, you don’t need to clean it frequently. It doesn’t have much water in it (i’d figure around a 1/2 glass) and you can see the water obviously all things considered so you know precisely how smudged it is, which rolls out for good motivating force to improvement it consistently (we by and large change our own once every couple of bowls packs), and when you keep that up, the bong doesn’t get grimy by any means.

Another of my undisputed top choice things about it is the sound it makes when you hit it… since there’s so little water there, it doesn’t make that sputtering bubble commotion, but instead a sound that must be depicted as a “thunder.” Once you’ve heard it, the sound is unquestionable. The idea makes my mouth water… 😀 I just expected I’ve done equity to the Glass with my portrayal.